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FlexiBRITE24 is a next-generation flexible LED lighting solution that adds neon appeal with 24 VDC to any LED-lit sign. Featuring an improved design that builds on all we’ve learned over 15+ years with FlexiBRITE 12 VDC for outstanding durability and more product per power supply, FlexiBRITE24 lets your creativity shine!

Key Specs.

‣ Ideal for exterior and interior lighting applications such as sign perimeters, letters, symbols, accent stripes, borders, and open-face channel letters

‣ Field-bendable and field-cuttable to custom lengths, giving installers the freedom to create an endless array of profiles, contours, and patterns on the fly

➤ Daytime color when non-illuminated
➤ Extremely flexible LED tubing
➤ Up to 32.8 ft (10 m) per 100 W 24 VDC power supply
➤ 5-year parts and limited assistance warranty

Classic appeal.

‣ Classic colors—Ruby Red, Citrus Orange, Noviol Gold, Emerald Green, Bromo Blue, and Snow White —retain their hue in the daytime and add the glitz of neon nostalgia while still delivering the high-efficiency, long life, and dependability you've come to expect from SloanLED.

There's no subtitles for quality.

‣ SloanLED employs only the highest caliber components to offer superior products with the longest lifespans. In stark contrast to low-priced LED sign lighting manufacturers that drive low-power LEDs at maximum power, maximizing the potential brightness of their products at the expense of longevity. The instant gratification received by overdriving the LEDs sacrifices sustainability and endurance as long term, the reliability and efficacy of these products suffer as more electrical energy turns into heat than light.