Visual Technologies

Visual Technologies recently supplied PrismBEAM single sided light box retro-fit LED units to replace old power hungry fluorescent tubes in three massive light boxes for IKEA in Perth, WA.

The three light boxes now shine bright in the Perth skyline and will continue to shine for many years to come with an industry leading 10 year warranty on lighting components!


  • Sign Size: 14,000mmW x 3,000mmH x 250mmD per box / three boxes
  • Height: 15 metres off the ground on a large mono pole


  • Existing fluorescent tubes: 90 x 5ft 58W per box / 270 total!
  • Existing power draw: approx. 5,300W per box – very costly to run


  • New PrismBEAM LED units: 37 x 3m bars per box / 111 total
  • New power draw: ~900W per box – massive power savings (4.4kW to be exact)!


Results = bright uniform illumination and a happy client!


Master installers: Automated Cabling Solutions – Brett Garland